Best Batman CostumeFinding the best Batman costume is mainly about which incarnation of the DC Comics superhero you like the most, the most recent version being the Dark Knight.

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The current time may belong to Iron Man and the Man of Steel aka Superman in the movies, but Batman is still going very strong whether he has a movie out during the year or not, with a number of different costume designs to prove it.

Make no mistake the superhero styled after a bat is still one of the best Halloween costumes to wear! And that’s without mentioning the option of the other characters in the Gotham Universe.

On this page we will look at the best Batman costumes on sale, including for retro fans the 1966 throwback Adam West and DC Comics design.

Be the Dark Knight or an earlier incarnation in these great Dark Knight Halloween Costumes.

It’s time to suit up and protect the citizens of Gotham City!

Dawn Of Justice / Batman V Superman Costume

Batman v Superman Batman CostumesNo sooner had Christian Bale hung up his cape did Ben Affleck step into the cape of a new incarnation of the bat man.

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You are spoiled for choice too as there are three versions of the Batman v Superman Batman Costume.

As with the dark knight there is the premium quality and detailed Grand Heritage Batman v Superman costume.

There is also the Deluxe Batman versus Superman Batman costume is you just want a good costume and don’t need it to be one of the best.

If the armored look is what takes your fancy then you’ll be pleased to know that the Batman vs Superman Armored Batman costume design is available too.

If you’re plus size, you are in luck as plus size costumes have been created too. Being new, these are awesome Halloween costumes to wear in 2016 and 2017.

Dark Knight Rises Batman Grand Heritage Costume

Batman Dark Knight - Batman Grand Heritage Collection Adult Costume

The Joker, Two Face, Scarecrow, Bane, Catwoman, and any Halloween fiend are all going to hell in a handbasket when the Dark Knight rises once again to take on the offenders of Gotham City.

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This costume comes with spandex jumpsuit and molded chest piece.

You also get a headpiece, plus gloves, cape, belt and boot tops.

For many this is hands down the best Batman costume. Put it on and rise again Dark Knight to save Gotham City once more.

Batman Dark Knight Grand Heritage Collection Costume

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Grand Heritage Adult Costume

The Dark Knight will rise again when you wear The Dark Knight Rises Batman Grand Heritage Adult Costume.

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This costume is the cheaper of the two Grand Heritage costumes, but that in no way takes away from its appeal.

It is a definitive kick ass Dark Knight Costume that is more affordable.

Impressively modeled upon the movie version, this Dark Knight costume is sure to impress.

This costume includes a black spandex jumpsuit. You also get a molded chest piece, plus cape, headpiece, belt, gloves and boot tops.


It’s going to be a Dark Knight this Halloween!

Collectors Edition Batman Costume

Collector's Edition Batman Adult Costume

Love the original DC Comics Batman look? For some this is the definitive and best caped crusader costume, now available to buy in a special Collector’s Edition costume.

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It has intricate details to capture the muscles of the original incarnation of the caped one.

Bring back the memory of who the caped one really is before all of this reboot stuff with this special Collectors Edition Costume.

Collectors Batman & Robin Costume

Collectors Batman Adult Costume

If you prefer the costume from THAT movie, here it is.

This costume is impressive with it’s magnificent cape.

Rare costume. Hard to find now.

And its style is truly something different to the Dark Knight!

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Muscle Chest Deluxe Adult Costume

Taking down two villains in the same movie – the Dark Knight is here, and he looks more badass than ever before. This is definitely not the 60s!

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The Dark Knight Deluxe Adult Costume makes the man just as much as the man makes the suit!

This fantastic costume boasts chiseled muscles in its black top, perfect for any budding billionaire playboys out there. It also has screen printed sleeves to look like armor. And of course matching pants plus boot tops attached.

And to complete the outfit, there is of course the over the head mask, signature cape and that utility belt where the night stalker keeps all those interesting gadgets!

Adam West Batman Costume From The Classic 1966 TV Series

Batman Classic 1966 Series Grand Heritage Batman Adult CostumeIf you loved the TV series, then you’ll be glad to know that finally you can get your hands on an Adam West Batman Costume of your own.

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Go back to a time when this superhero did not need super strong body armor, and every gadget you could think of.

This costume, styled on the Batsuit worn by Adam West consists of a gray jumpsuit with logo and cape, plus briefs and a belt.

You also get a headpiece with cowl, gloves, and boot tops to wear over your shoes or boots.

The classic Adam West Batman costume is officially licensed and for many people remains the best Batman costume over all the modern musclesuit styles.

If you are going with friends that are also fans, you can go as a group of Gotham heroes and villains, as there also costumes for Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, The Joker and The Riddler on sale.

Or if you are just going with your guy friend, you can go as a Batman & Robin double act, or as a couple with a girl friend dressed as Batgirl.

Classic Video Clip “Surf’s Up! Joker’s Under!”

How we all had fun watching the 1966 creation of what was the biggest pop culture version of this DC Comics’ superhero long before the arrival of Tim Burton’s movie starring Michael Keaton, with Jack Nicholson as the show stealing Joker. (He really did have the last laugh!).

The classic clip above shows the Joker up to one of his devious schemes.

Batman Muscle Chest Costume

The Batman Muscle Chest Adult CostumeIf you do not want a costume that fits a bit too snugly for comfort, but do want an outfit that looks close to the 1996 version, then this is a fantastic alternative.

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Featuring a muscle chest design, this is essentially the Adam West costume with muscles.

This design is based on the one used in the animated series “The Batman”

This costume consists of a headpiece that features bat-mask and ears.

You also get a chiseled muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops to wear over your footwear.

To finish off, you also get a cape and a utility belt.

Costume Ideas For Men & Women Video

In this video there are a selection of best DC Gotham Universe costume options that are available to buy. You may also like to check out the Dark Knight Rises Bane Halloween costume.