Connor Kenway CostumeAssassin’s Creed is bad ass, and it’s even made that jump from video game to movie. Their unique and interesting design makes them awesome Halloween costumes to wear. The Connor Kenway costume rocks.

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Connor Kenway was a native American and born in the mid eighteenth century.

He became an assassin after being assaulted at an early age by members of an order known as the Templars.

As he grew up he witnessed his village being burnt down and the death of his mother.

Such was his hatred of the Templars that he trained as an assassin and although they had vacated the part of the country that he resided in, his aim was to hunt them down and kill them.

Assassins Creed Connor Adult Costume

Assassins Creed Connor Adult CostumeThe Connor Kenway costume is basically white and blue with a white shirt under a white tunic trimmed with blue edging; a white yolk is worn across the shoulders and the trousers are the same shade of blue as the edging of the jacket.

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Black knee high spats or gaiters are worn over the shoes. A white detachable hood is worn over the head and a belt with a large purse attached, is worn around the waist.

Over the shoulder of choice is worn a quiver, obviously for carrying arrows, as this was the weapon used in those days.

A Costume That Breaks Tradition

In an era when reds and blues were the most popular colours favoured by the military of that particular time. White was a break from tradition and made a statement highlighting the fact that the wearer was an assassin.

The order of the day, dress wise, was to stand out and be noticed. But we have since learnt that if your objective is to claim a life, then it is better to remain unnoticed rather than prominent. However, going to a Halloween party dressed in a camouflage uniform would hardly turn heads in the way you would want.

Being predominantly white enables the costume to stand out. The shade of blue that the other parts of the costume are produced in, add a nice accent. The Connor Kenway costume is tasteful and smart with a hint of the outrageous when an admirer learns that it is the uniform of an assassin.

If you are to be accompanied to a function by a female she will obviously be an assassin’s maiden. If this is the case she should be dressed in a costume from the same era to exhibit the maximum effect.

Assassin’s Creed Ezio Adult Costume

Assassin's Creed Ezio Adult CostumeThe first character costume to be released from Assassins Creed video game was based on the Ezio character.

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It was only a matter of time before the Connor costume emerged.


Connor Kenway Halloween Costume – Assassin’s Creed Background

Assassins one, two and three have been created and built around the life of Connor Kenway. The adversity that he experienced in his early years prompted him to become an assassin.

The final straw was the death of his mother and he never really got over losing her. This prompted his future actions and ensured that he gained revenge on anybody who played a part in her death.

The Assassin’s Creed video games portraying the life and actions of Connor Kenway have become very popular. They are made even more more so by the way he dresses. The costume that this man wore in the 1700s was like nothing most people have ever seen before.

Because of the popularity of the Assassins video games, this is a good character to dress as. Also because the costume looks intriguing and grand. Dressing as this man is a great way to get noticed at a Halloween party or function.

Obviously, the most popular costumes that are worn on Halloween are that of vampires or witches. Imagine the response when you are asked what you have come dressed as when you reply “an assassin”. The Connor Kenway costume has a very distinct and impressive design.

Kenway Family Saga Video

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