He-Man and She-Ra Couples CostumesHis And Hers costumes create a fantastic impact an a Halloween Party, with complementary costumes that will really grab the attention of all your fellow partygoers.

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Note this section is for male and female combo costumes. There is a separate page for same sex couples, duo, best friend, and double act costumes.

Male and female couples costumes are a great way to arrive at a party and show the link between the two of you, whether you are in love, good friends, or just thought it would be a great laugh to turn up as a double act.

On this page we will look at some of the awesome Halloween costumes ideas for couples.

Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

A few ideas to get you started:

  • Alice In Wonderland Movie Costumes
  • He-Man And She-Ra Costumes
  • Ghost Lady & Ghost Gent Costumes
  • Sultry SWAT Commander & Mr SWAT Officer Costumes
  • Thundercats Cheetara & Lion-O Costumes
  • Batman & Catwoman Costumes
  • Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero & Kitana Costumes
  • Royal Wedding Prince William & Kate Middleton Costumes
  • Muppets Kermit & Miss Piggy Costumes

So here we have chosen a selection of complementary His And Hers Halloween Costumes to make you and your double act partner in crime make a real impression on the party.

For some great ideas, check out the top 3 His And Hers Halloween Costumes for couples below. Couples Halloween costumes are a fantastic sight to behold at a Halloween event. Guests will appreciate the two of you for going to the effort.

Alice In Wonderland His And Hers Halloween Costumes

Mad Hatter and Alice In Wonderland Couples CostumesAlice In Wonderland Couples Halloween Costumes – The Mad Hatter & Alice in Wonderland

See Alice In Wonderland Costumes

This set of His And Hers Halloween Costumes is perfect for arriving as a complementary pair, yet making the statement that you are also not that much alike in personality, or just dress style, or whatever!

Is one of you a bit bonkers, while the other always tends to have a level head? Fantastic, if it’s the man that’s crazy and the woman that’s more sensible then you’re already both in character. Although it could be fun to dress opposite to your natural tendencies too. With Alice In Wonderland costumes, here you have a great his and hers costume idea

You’ll go down a storm to arrive at the Halloween Party Dressed as the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland costume includes a peasant-style apron dress and titillating tiered skirt, plus corset waist, and a ruffled back.

The Mad Hatter costume includes a velvet fitted jacket with lace trim on the sleeves, plus multicolor ribbon accents. There is also a faux shirt front, and over sized peculiarly printed bow, plus a pair of pinstriped pants with stitched floral accent. And to round the outfit off there is an incredibly insane hat that features a peach satin ribbon, and a 10/16 patch, plus attached wild electric orange hair.

He-Man And She-Ra His And Hers Halloween Costumes

He-Man and She-Ra Couples CostumesHe-Man and She-Ra Couples Halloween Costumes

This is a great double act couples costume idea for those that were children and teens of the 80s. He-Man and She-Ra of Masters of the Universe fame were an 80s golden kids TV heroes.

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While Masters of the Universe has never enjoyed a popular revival like some of its other 80s counterparts (the less said about the He-Man reboot attempt, the better), it never-the-less is a cult classic from the 80s and these His And Hers Halloween Costumes are much in demand.

And so you can power up a Halloween party dress as these powerful warriors – He-Man and She-Ra.

He-Man costume includes chiseled muscle chest jumpsuit and attached armor. Plus a faux fur loin cloth with faux fur boot tops. You also get a wig with the classic 80s He-Man haircut.

She-Ra Costume features a white dress with gold emblem print and aqua jewel detail. Plus tiara headpiece with faux ruby accent. You also get a red cape plus a pair of gold wrist cuffs.

As an alternative costume choice for men, Masters of The Universe Costumes range also includes Skeletor.

Ghost Lady And Ghost Gent Costumes

Ghost Gent and Ghost Lady Couples Costumes

Being Halloween, why not go as a pair of ghosts?

See Ghost Costumes

These beautifully detailed costumes all in white will certainly capture the attention of others.

And if you can both bust a move, you will look hauntingly brilliant on the dance floor!

Go inject a little supernatural fun as the Official Mr and Mrs Ghost!


Sultry Swat Officer & Mr Swat Officer His and Hers Costumes

SWAT Commander And Sultry SWAT Officer Couples CostumesKick some monster butt this Halloween as a pair of sexy and no nonsense SWAT officers.

The sexy sultry SWAT Officer costume for women oozes sex appeal while packing the message “Do not mess with me!”

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And what lady does not like a man in uniform -although of course Ms Sultry SWAT will be enforcing the “Do Not Cross” line to avert instigating a crime scene.

Take names this Halloween as this power couple.

Thundercats Cheetara & Lion-O Costumes

Thundercats Halloween CostumesThundercats Cheetara & Lion-O Costumes

The Thundercats were a classic 80s cartoon, and in 2011 a reboot was made for the younger generation.

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But we’re interested in the 80s version.

And ladies can now be the speedy and sexy cheetah Cheetara in a Cheetara costume.

Men can be the Lord of the Thundercats Lion-O or otherwise the well built Panthro.

Dark Knight Rises Batman and Catwoman Grand Heritage Costumes

Dark Knight Rises Batman and Catwoman CostumesBatman and Catwoman Costumes

The Dark Knight has reigned supreme in the latest reboot of the Batman franchise over the years.

And he’s already been rebooted inside the Batman vs Superman movie with more to come.

See Batman Couples Costumes

One of the greatest Batman villains is of course Catwoman. She is one of several female villains to pair alongside Batman.

Be the sexy woman of the night alongside the Dark Knight this Halloween by going to the party as a Catwoman and Batman couple.

If you both prefer a bit more color or have a wild or crazy streak about you both, you could go as Harley Quinn and The Joker! There is a wide choice of Joker costumes and both the court jester and sexy Harley Quinn Halloween costumes to choose from.

Kitana & Sub-Zero Costumes

Mortal Kombat Kitana And Sub-Zero Couples CostumesIf you are both beat em up video game fans, why not go in blue as kick ass Mortal Kombat Kitana costume and Sub-Zero costume.

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Kitana is famous for her killer beauty as well as killer moves!

Sub-Zero is famous for living up to his namesake – freezing people.

Be the Princess of Kiss and Kill and the Prince Of Ice Cold this Halloween as Kitana and Sub-Zero. There are other character combinations you can go with for great Mortal Kombat His and Hers Halloween Costumes; there’s Raiden, Scorpion, and Sonya Blade.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Costumes

Royal Prince William And Kate Middleton Couples Costumes

Want to feel like a Prince and Princess?

Then go to the party dressed up as the hottest Royal couple in the World.

What’s a Halloween party without adding a touch of fairytale magic by adding a Prince and Princess?

See Royal Costumes

Go strut your stuff as Royalty this great His and Hers Halloween costume.



Kermit The Frog And Miss Piggy Costumes

Muppets Kermit The Frog And Miss Piggy Couples Costumes

Be The Royal couple of the puppet world as Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

Ever since the Muppets first hit the screen, they have been a firm children’s favorite.

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And now that you are a grown up, what better way to show tribute and celebrate than dressing as this fantastic pair?

Miss Piggy temper tantrums optional with these great His and Hers Halloween costumes couple.

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