Deluxe Harley Quinn Suicide Squad CostumeEvery Halloween party always has at least one character from Batman and it goes without saying that there are a variety of characters to choose from. With Harley there are plenty of outfits too. Below we’ll look at the best Harley Quinn Halloween costume ideas for 2016. But first why dress as Harley?

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Harley Quinn is a great character to dress as because  not only does the character look good, but she has a just as alluring personality to go with it, and you have a number of outfit designs to choose from.

Adding one new costume idea to the mix is of course to dress in the latest 2016 Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Halloween costume from 2016’s Suicide Squad Movie. Needless to say Suicide Squad characters make awesome Halloween costumes to wear in 2016 / 2017. None more so than Harley Quinn.

Whether you want to look like the original jester design, or to look more sexy, or to look both sexy and psychotic, there’s a design for you here.

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Designs

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume

Deluxe Harley Quinn Suicide Squad CostumeWell it’s finally here. The costume everyone’s been waiting for – the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad costume based on the incarnation of the character portrayed by Margot Robbie.

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It’s a great new look for the character in that it is is loyal to it’s original comic and twin color style. Yet it also brings a modern sexy look to the character too.

This officially licensed costume consists of:

  • Pullover top in the form of a satin jacket with sewn-in shirt-front
  • Sequined shorts with elastic waist
  • Printed belt with Velcro fastener
  • Fishnet tights with elastic waist

The wig and shoes shown are each sold separately.

The shorts & top are each 100% polyester. The tights are 85% nylon with 15% spandex.

Harley Quinn Jester Costume

Harley Quinn Jester CostumeThis jester costume is Harley’s original costume from Batman: The Animated Series.

This red and black patterned one piece jumpsuit comes with red and black boot covers to wear over your footwear.

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Accessories are in the form of a red and black head piece which resembles a jester’s headwear.

Also a black eye mask, a white frilly collar to display a complete contrast and gloves – one red and one black, with a white trim complete the Harley Quinn Jester costume look.





Sexy Villain Harley Quinn Costume

Sexy Harley Qunn CostumeThis black and red dress based on a playing cards theme creates a risque costume that is based on the original jester costume style.

Faux-leather gloves in red and black worn with black stockings and black high heel shoes complete the allure of this particular costume.

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If you like to accessorize, buy a white collar or choker.

Black eye make up and red lipstick are recommended to complete the finishing touch to this scintillating outfit.

Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume

Arkham City Harley Quinn CostumeThe Arkham City costume made in faux leather is super sexy. It’s great for those who really want to stand out from the crowd, looking hot and alluring while kick ass deadly.

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This sexy Halloween costume is modeled after Harley’s appearance in the Batman: Arkham City video game.

The outfit comprises of a skimpy black and maroon top and matching pants complete with a black leather belt.

Fingerless long leather gloves with decorative wrist bands will add to the desired effect. An attractive choker could be an additional extra and matching earrings could be an option dependent on headwear.

Apply black eye make up and feather eyelashes, white creme face foundation and red lipstick to complete the look . Any hair accessories will always add passion to your creation.

You may also like to complete the look with with some long black boots. Boots are not supplied as part of this outfit.

This costume will certainly ensure eyes are focused on you and remain so.

Arkham City Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

Get the Arkham City look, here’s a video tutorial that shows you how.


Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Accessories

To really make your overall appearance more personal and more pronounced, try and incorporate some little touches such as a pack of cards or the Joker card itself. Any reference to the Joker would also be a good move.

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In addition, study Ms Quinn’s personality by reading the comic books or watching the films to get a complete understanding of her idiosyncrasies. It is surprising how much this could tell you about her personality. You can also draw inspiration for more ideas for dressing up from her many different actual and inspired looks.

So, the choice is yours as to which of the Harley Quinn Costumes you like best. Certainly they are among the best Halloween costumes on sale for women right now. And for brownie points, don’t forget to introduce yourself in your best Tara Strong accent.

Another factor to bear in mind though is whether your partner would like to dress as the Joker. In this situation, you both could further enhance your costumes by featuring complimentary touches to each others costume. There are a number of Joker costumes available, just as there are Harley costumes, From the original animated series, to Arkham City and Arkham Asylum to the Suicide Squad movie and more.

Then you both could really make a grand entrance and could stand to win a prize if, of course, the Halloween party you are attending is one that gives awards.

Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad Makeup Tutorial Video

Get the look from the Suicide Squad movie with this great video tutorial:


Background of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn often features in the Batman series and comic books. She is the Joker’s accomplice and girlfriend who is madly in love with him. The Joker is one of Batman’s main villains. She assists The Joker in his ongoing attempts to outwit Batman, sometimes joining forces with other equally heinous scoundrels such as Catwoman, Poison Ivy and many more.

Ms Quinn’s spectacular costumes illustrate what a colorful character she is. She enjoys causing mayhem and havoc alongside her counterpart, the Joker. Her Jester style complements his deranged evil clown-like look.

Long has she been the bane of all who cross her. Harley takes great delight in getting revenge in the sweetest possible way. Dressing in one of the many Harley Quinn Halloween costume designs is a fantastic choice for Halloween 2016.