Man Of Steel CostumeMan of Steel Halloween costumes are great for anyone that is a huge fan of Superman, but doesn’t want to go all Christopher Reeve, but wants a modern look.

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Superman has been a big screen superhero that was sorely missed, yet never forgotten and became one once again with the Henry Cavill rebooted incarnation in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

Since the movie quadrilogy domination of Christopher Reeve’s Superman, followed by Brandon Routh’s portrayal almost 19 years later in 2007’s Superman Returns, and numerous TV shows, Superman has always fondly been in our minds.

Finally in 2013 Superman exploded back onto the big screen in the Man of Steel movie and looks set to enjoy a similar massively successful franchise revival as fellow DC Comics Superhero Batman, starring alongside him in 2016’s Batman v Superman.

Superman portrayed this time by British Actor Henry Cavill is once again back at the top of the league of superheros, and the new Superman Man Of Steel costume design is fantastic.

It’s time to battle the villainous Kryptonian’s Faora and General Zod, as well as any zombies and fiends you encounter this Halloween as the brilliant Red and Blue flying man!

Superman Man Of Steel Halloween Costume For Adults

Man Of Steel Superman Adult Costume

Superman Man of Steel Deluxe Adult CostumeSuperman has never looked so serious, so strong, and so good before now!

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The Superman Man of Steel Deluxe Adult Costume consists of a blue muscle chest jumpsuit with Superman insignia and a molded belt.

Boot covers are also attached to the outfit.

The outfit also comes with the famous red cape.

Plus size version also available. You can also go with friends as a double act of threesome with other MoS costumes; you can buy a General Zod costume or a Faora costume.

This Man of Steel outfit is officially licensed.

Superman Man of Steel Adult Costume Kit

Superman Costume Kit

Superman Man of Steel Adult Costume KitThe Superman costume Kit is a budget version of the above costume.

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The kit consists of of a blue muscle print top with a removable logo cape.

It does not include pants, so you may wish to pull out some jeans or blue colored pants to match, or otherwise go with black

This Superman costume kit is officially licensed,

Man Of Steel Halloween Costumes For Kids

Man Of Steel Tween, Kids, Toddler & Infant Costume

Man Of Steel Costume For KidsVersions of the costume are also available for tweens, kids, toddlers, infants, and newborns.

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The kids version comes in two versions, the second version features a light up design to make your boy feel extra special and powerful. Available in sizes small (4-6),medium (8-10) and large (12-14)

The tween costume is available in sizes small and medium. The toddler version is available in size 2T-4T.

Why Wear Man Of Steel Halloween Costumes?

Does this question even really need to be asked? If you are an adult, you probably saw the original Christopher Reeve Superman movies when you were a kid. At that time, Superman was one of the only Superheros to have their own movie, let alone a series of them.

And now the franchise has been rebooted, Superman is here to stay at the forefront of people’s minds for a good few years, as will his first set of foes Faora and General Zod, whose costumes you can also buy.

This cemented Superman’s place in pop culture, to the extent that you could always buy a Superman costume, whereas other Superhero costumes come and go.

So it’s a no brainer then that with the massive impact of the Man Of Steel movie and the introduction of a new costume design, a great Superhero just got even greater and is a hot costume idea.

Movie Trailer

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This is the original Man Of Steel teaser trailer that we were treated to in 2012 while we waited for the movie to be released. The excellent use of the hauntingly sad Bridge of Khazadum music after the loss of Gandalf told us something special was on it’s way, and in 2013 it certainly proved worth the wait.