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Suicide Squad Costumes

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Do you think you and your crew are crazy enough to impersonate the Suicide Squad gang? If you feel confident that your posse is wild enough for the epic transformation into the lovable bunch of DC Comics villains, then our selection of officially licensed Suicide Squad costumes are perfect for you. Once you've found the outfit that triggers your wicked side, you'll laugh sadistically in a way that would even make Harley Quinn and The Joker green with envy.

No matter how big your squad is, we have a character costume and the appropriate accessories for everyone in your squad. We sell a men's Joker costume, outfitting those crazy enough to wear it, in a long purple trench coat and green vest. Other styles depict the newest version of the Joker with slicked-back green hair and lots of elaborate tattoos. Ladies who like to indulge their bad side every once in a while will have a riot in one of our Harley Quinn costumes.

If you fell in love with the movie-version of Harley, the red and blue bomber jacket and sparkly short combo, you'll have a blast transforming into the former psychiatrist. Comic book junkies might have more fun in a black and red jester jumpsuit. We also sell a Katana costume kit, a Deadshot light-up mask, a Killer Croc mask, and tons of toy weapons that will make you and your squad look as deadly as possible. Get the whole gang together and let the mischief commence, but if you get popped by Batman, don't blame us!