Sun Drop CostumeYou’ve seen the commercial now buy the costume. It’s time to “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in your Sun Drop Costume as Sun Drop Girl or Guy.

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If you know how to shake your booty, or if you like to act goofy, or indeed if you like to do both, this is the ideal costume to put a smile on fellow party guests’ faces, if not also get them all to laugh out loud!

For the man and woman that knows not to take life too seriously and likes to put a big smile on people’s faces, the hilarious Girl and Guy from the Sun Drop drink commercials are a great idea.

Get your Sun Drop Halloween costume now and show everyone how to “Drop It Like It’s Hot!”

Sun Drop Guy Costume

Sun Drop Guy CostumeAre you The Man?

Grab your Officially licensed Sundrop guy costume including T-Shirt, with red wristband and red headband – just like the guy on TV!

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This Sun Drop Halloween costume does not include jeans or shoes, so feel free to use your imagination and put your own unique spin on the outfit

The Sundrop boy costume comes in Medium, Large and X-Large sizes.

Sun Drop Girl Costume

Sun Drop Girl Costume

Do you know how to Drop It like Ms SD?

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The Sun Drop girl costume consists of officially licensed juniors T-shirt, plus red metallic headband with red/burgundy/white legwarmers.

Outfit does not come with shorts and shoes, so feel free to put your own unique stamp on this outfit.

Comes in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large sizes.

Behind The Costume – What Is the Sun Drop Drink?

The drink, also marketed in concatenated form as Sundrop is a soda with citrus fruit flavor. It is well known for its high caffeine content – hence the idea of the Sun Drop guy and girl having endless amounts of energy and standing out in a crowd. The drink contains orange juice, with some of the pulp matter contributing to the look and taste of the soda.

When Mr Sun Met Miss Drop – Hilarious Video

As you can see, if you are going to a costume party as a couple, here you have a truly funky double act costume.

Everyone likes to laugh and if anyone has seen the advert and sees the two of you arrive in these funny costumes, you will certainly get some kudos for arriving in one of the stand out costumes of the night.

If you really want to steal the show, the two of you can get stuck right in and do the booty dance in and out out the crowd of fellow party goers.

Grab your Sundrop commercial costume and a can or two of Sun Drop and drop it better than than the guy or girl in the advert in a pair of the best funny Halloween costumes on sale.

Costume Video – Drop It Like It’s Hot

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