SWAT Costume For HalloweenWith a SWAT costume, go out in force as a member of the the Special Weapons And Tactics team.

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It’s time to kick some butt. Humans, ghouls and ghosts alike had better flee because this law enforcement team are not taking any prisoners alive… or dead!

These are awesome Halloween costumes to wear because they are badass. Just ready to take down some demons. Ready to play your part in cleaning up the streets for Halloween?

SWAT Officer Costume

SWAT Adult Costume

Show your courage, no nonsense attitude and charm in this costume.

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Let everyone know you are fair, but not to messed with Halloween.

This costume includes a vest with buckle details, plus SWAT patch and knee pads.

Now get to work cleaning those streets of the undead!

SWAT Commander Halloween Costume

SWAT Commander Adult CostumeJack Bauer like the 24 show he came from is now a thing of the stone age – well kinda. The Commander is the real action hero!

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Are you someone that like to show authority and that you always get the job done? Then the Commander costume is for you.

The costume includes a multi pocketed zip up utility vest with blue t-shirt, plus a pair of knee pads and faux leather fingerless gloves.


Sexy SWAT Costume For Women

Sexy SWAT Costume For WomenShow some sassiness, sexiness and authority this Halloween in a Sultry SWAT officer costume.

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Take down the bad guys in style as a badass, no nonsense officer of the law.

And do it while showing how sexy you are.

These officers take no crap. They kick butt and they can look cool and smoking hot while they do so!

Sultry SWAT Officer Costume

Sultry SWAT Officer Costume

This lady knows how to lay things down, whether that be the law or otherwise.

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And lets face it, at an ordinary party there may be a few people that need taking down, let alone a monster party. So this is definitely on the top Halloween costume ideas.

Turn heads and have everyone under your command this Halloween in this sultry officer costume.

This sexy costume comes with a titillating tank dress plus buckle accents.

You also get fingerless gloves, plus arm band and garter to complete the sultry and sexy look.

SWAT Patrol Officer Costume

SWAT Patrol Officer Adult Costume

This lady is smoking hot sexy and aggressive! Do not mess with her!

This lady of the law is taking names and kicking butt. You’re busted!

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The costume comes with a black vest top, plus black pants and belt.

You also get, a cap and silver hand cuffs to complete your sexy and badass look.

Lady SWAT Costume

Lady SWAT Costume

This woman will stop anyone from monsters to hardened criminals.

This outfit means business and no nonsense period.

The costume comes with a stretch 3/4 sleeve jumpsuit plus vest with attached buckle details and a SWAT badge!
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Costumes For Kids

Kids like feeling powerful and like they’re in charge, and these costumes come in kids versions too.

And don’t forget good old navy and police force costumes to completely spoil you for choice.

Movie Trailer

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From the movie starring Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farrell, Michelle Rodriguez, and LL Cool J before NCIS: LA and Lip Sync Battle and the fierce Michelle Rodriguez.